Paving Projects - Focus for Florence

When I took office, I promised to do the right things for the right reasons. Fortunately, our efforts prior to the pandemic put us in a position to weather the blows.

I am proud to report that we have operated within our budget, and we have not borrowed nor used reserved funds.

Our city government and its various departments never shut down. I have been at work for you each and EVERY day, just as ALL of our city employees have been. Because of good management across the board, not one person was laid off. Wise fiscal management has meant that some projects such as the River Heritage Trail have been briefly delayed in favor of keeping paving projects and other important programs on time.

Our city ranks its street conditions from 1-10, with 10 being the most needy for attention. For the previous fiscal year, we resurfaced all of our streets with a ranking of 10 at an expenditure of $1.5 million. This year we will begin resurfacing our streets that rank 9, and we have allocated $2 million in the current budget for paving. We will continue to fund our paving program at this level for several years.

In addition to the paving of our 10s, in partnership with the state Department of Transportation, we resurfaced Mall Road and Hough Road with the addition of a new traffic control. We also completed the Roundabout Project in East Florence, as well as completed College Street resurfacing. Streetscaping to Dr. Hicks Boulevard and College Street will soon be completed, with River Heritage Trail next in line.

Many people were pleased when we opened the paved connector between Sam’s Club and Target. We further completed an emergency project at Darby Drive and Decatur Avenue to replace a culvert at $1.25 million. Our next major project with DOT is on Rickwood Road at Helton Drive to Chisholm Road.

Our Legislative delegation and Lauderdale County have secured a grant to make it possible to six-lane Highway 72 from Indian Springs Road to the Shoal Creek Bridge area. This will greatly improve Florence traffic flow.

I promise to continue to take a hard look at our assets, the projects that need to be completed, the jobs that need to be created, and to make the decisions that need to be made for our city’s best interests.

When you look around, hopefully you can see the growth and feel the momentum. The community outlook still remains positive – and we plan to keep it going!

I need your support to help make this possible. Every vote counts, and I am counting on you. Please, VOTE HOLT on Tuesday, August 25th.

(Please, share this information to encourage others to Re-Elect Mayor Steve Holt for continued growth. Thank you!)

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