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When I took office as Mayor, I promised to hit the ground running – and we did!

We have made calls, written letters, and sent representatives to ICSC International Council of Shopping Centers, and have done direct mail letters, all with a focus on business investment into Florence. We provide information to every inquiry. We work with SEDA, Shoals Chamber, Shoals Business Incubator, UNA, Florence Tourism, and commercial developers, local and out-of-market, all in an effort to generate investment and jobs.

We are recognizing local businesses for their growth and investment into our community. We celebrate with those businesses passing important milestones, and with each ribbon cutting we offer a certificate recognizing how many jobs were created by that new business.

Through the business recruitment coordinator position, created during my administration, businesses which come to Florence are offered a One-Stop-Shop program where our city responds to a business looking to invest by having all services and departments together under one roof. In this way, companies don’t have to gather information and forms from multiple offices, nor make many stops to inquire. Having access to everything all in one room makes it very easy for them to open for business in Florence. Additionally, letters are sent weekly to potential new businesses, follow ups and calls to them are a top priority, as is checking in with businesses that may need assistance.

Businesses are the backbone of our community. Both small and large businesses, as well as in-home businesses, are important to the economy and success of Florence.

During my first term as Mayor, we have focused on the ways to make things possible, instead of the 49 reasons why it was not possible. We broke down barriers that made it difficult for those who wanted to help grow Florence businesses. Over 446 new businesses and more than 2,596 jobs say it’s working.

It is important that we continue this growth – now more than ever!

I need your support. Every vote counts, and I am counting on you.

Please, VOTE HOLT on Tuesday, August 25th.

(SHARE this information to encourage others to Re-Elect Mayor Steve Holt for continued growth. Thank you!)

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