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What an honor it has been to serve as your Mayor for the last four years – an honor I trust you will once again support with your vote on August 25th.

Since having announced my decision to run for re-election as your Mayor, you may not have heard much from our campaign. Recent and local issues have impacted our city and required much time, energy and focus. We have lived through some extraordinary moments in history! During such moments, I knew the most important thing was to continue doing the job you elected me to do. While circumstances may not have allowed “business as usual,” I’ve never stopped doing business on your behalf daily.

My efforts have been and will always be on continuing the growth we had worked diligently together to achieve in Florence prior to the pandemic. We CAN and WILL return to the growth our city had enjoyed during my first four years in office.

I am continually aware of the challenges that still surround us. Yet, I am also confident that, with tenacity and fortitude, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome. Prior to the pandemic, we saw our City of Florence THRIVE, and we will do so again!

In fact, even with the challenges we faced, Florence can claim successes in MANY areas. You are likely aware that JOBS and BUSINESS GROWTH have been major components of my work. I promised you we were going to hit the ground running, and we did! When I took office on November 7th, 2016, the unemployment rate in Florence was 7.3%. Just before the pandemic hit, we had reduced that to 2.8%, the lowest unemployment that research has recorded.

I am delighted to report, during my term as Mayor, we added roughly 2,596 jobs and 446 new businesses. Even with the challenges faced in 2020, since January we have still added 335 new jobs and 53 new businesses in Florence. Moreover, despite covid concerns, May 2020’s retail sales tax revenue was up over May of 2019, and June 2020’s is up significantly above June 2019. It is important that we continue this growth – now more than ever!

I need your support to help make this possible. Every vote counts, and I am counting on you. Please, VOTE HOLT on Tuesday, August 25th.

(Please, share this information to encourage others to Re-Elect Mayor Steve Holt for continued growth. Thank you!)

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