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We need to be eager to take care of those lives who dedicate their lives to taking care of us. Our Firefighters and Police Officers insure the safety and well-being of our city’s citizens. In turn, as a city, we need to insure their needs are sufficiently met.

Our city steps up to the plate by offering exemplary training – and we must also insure that our best-trained professionals do not leave for better pay or benefits elsewhere.

When we invest in the training of the men and women of our police and fire units, we also need to invest enough into their salaries to keep them here.

That’s why, under my administration, there have been increases in pay and new equipment for our first responders with further investment needed and expected. There have also been commitments to renovate each of the five fire stations over the next five years and complete a renovation of the Florence Police Department over the next two years. Fire Station 1 and the lower level of the Police Department are already nearing completion.

Let’s insure that Florence is not only the city where our finest are well trained – but that it’s also where they stay to work – and stay to take care of us and our families. Our Fire, Police, and other safety officers deserve nothing less.

Please, support my re-election with your vote, so that I can continue to support our First Responders in the manner they deserve. It matters! Let’s continue to build a successful future for Florence.

Please, VOTE HOLT on Tuesday, August 25th.

(Please, SHARE this information to encourage others to Re-Elect Mayor Steve Holt for continued growth. Thank you!)

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