Clean Community - Focus for Florence

As Mayor, maintaining a city that we can all be proud to call home is one of my most important priorities.

We have conducted annual city-wide clean up days. We have placed approximately 100 new cigarette butt receptacles in key areas to reduce visible waste.

During my first term as your Mayor, we expanded our recycling facilities. New equipment there has allowed us to go from 1 million to 4 million pounds per week.

We have been a gold level member of the valley’s sustainable community program through TVA. We have now achieved PLATINUM STATUS. To do that, we had to complete a carbon footprint for our city. We’ve updated our community’s sustainability inventory. We are now one of only nine cities to hold the platinum status. There are only two in all of Alabama (Huntsville and Florence), and 7 in Tennessee. We have committed to insuring the integrity of Florence’s clean community. We have water treatment plants on Cypress Creek and on Wilson Lake. Clean water is something we work really hard to achieve alongside ADEM (Alabama Department of Environmental Management). We maintain our water quality at even higher standards than required by the EPA and ADEM. With the addition of 22 acres at the corner of Cox Creek Pkwy and Jackson Road as a buffer for our water intake at Cypress Creek, we have also turned that area into a nice place for canoeing and kayaking. When you look around, despite all the recent challenges we have faced, hopefully you can still see the growth and feel the momentum. The community outlook remains positive – and we plan to keep it going! I need your support to help make this possible. It’s important – now more than ever! Please, VOTE HOLT on Tuesday, August 25th. (Please, SHARE this information to encourage others to Re-Elect Mayor Steve Holt for continued growth. Thank you!) - - - Pd Pol Adv by the Committee to Re-Elect Mayor Steve Holt, PO Box 1814, Florence, AL 35631

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