“I am supporting Steve Holt for Mayor of Florence because he is a man of character, integrity, and honesty. He represents all of the people of this city with a servant’s attitude. He has tremendous experience and education in creating new jobs, which is desperately needed in our community.”

Bobby Irons  -  Former Mayor of Florence

“I recommend Steve for another term as our Mayor. He is one of the most honest and sincerest men that I have ever known. He has done a great job as our Mayor over the last four years and will continue to do so as we move our city forward.”

Jesse Wisdom

“While serving two terms on the Florence City Council, I became acutely aware of the importance of economic development on the financial health of the city and its ability to deliver public services efficiently and in a timely manner. Not only is the economic vitality of the city dependent on steady and healthy economic development, a high quality of life for our citizens is built on a healthy economy. Without a job and an income to put food on the table and provide shelter for your family, there is no quality of life. When we think about the person who will serve as the chief executive officer of the city of Florence, it is very important to elect a person who is not only committed to economic development but also has a proven track record. Steve Holt has spent his entire professional career helping cities develop conditions which make them attractive to individuals seeking to  establish a business or to relocate an existing business. When Steve was elected mayor four years ago, his main focus was jobs, jobs, jobs. And he delivered. On October 6, I urge you to join me and vote to re-elect Steve Holt, Mayor of Florence, Alabama.”

Barry Morris

“Mayor Holt has shown incredible leadership and stewardship while leading the City of Florence. Mayor Holt fulfilled his campaign promises made in 2016 and will, with no doubt, continue leading the city in a positive direction.”

Nathaniel White

I am an avid supporter of Mayor Steve Holt. I know that he has the background and experience to move our city forward. He is a visionary with unique talents for bringing together the right resources and people to make great things happen for Florence.

Shirley Neese

“We are motivated to share our support for Mayor Holt’s re-election. We know first hand, he’s a business-minded leader. And having experience working with him from the Children’s Museum, support of our Veterans, and a music audit to expand opportunities in the Shoals - Steve has our votes!”

Sarah & John Christmas

“Mayor Steve Holt has been a monumental leader for the City of Florence. Under his leadership many accomplishments have been achieved. Mayor Holt has shown to be an upstanding leader and honest Mayor. We need to keep honest, upstanding leaders who have the leadership abilities to keep completing the projects needed for the citizens of Florence. Mayor Steve Holt has my support.”

DeWayne Griffin

While attending a recent event in Winston County, people were talking about ‘a mayor’ from our state who had embodied humility, along with many other notable qualities of character. As I listened to a guest speaker talk about the things 'this mayor' had done, I found myself admiring more and more 'this unnamed man' who was receiving such lavish praise. You could tell 'that mayor' had left a very deep and lasting impression.


Keep in mind that no one at the event knew I was from Florence – so just imagine how surprised I was when a local Florence spot happened to be mentioned. Obviously, at that point, I couldn't resist asking if they were talking about MY MAYOR – Steve Holt. Upon learning that I actually knew the name of 'the mayor' being upheld in such fine esteem, the speaker said he had more to tell me about 'my mayor.'

Included in the additional information, he shared that in all of his work with mayors from across the State of Alabama, Mayor Holt had been the ONLY one to PERSONALLY return his call. The impact of that action, along with all of Mayor Holt's subsequent actions, was causing our city and mayor to now be lauded as examples of excellence across the state.


I have never been prouder to say I'm a citizen of Florence! I am beyond appreciative that Mayor Holt represents our city in such a remarkable manner.

Angela Bailey

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